Hi, I am Haze Long

Malaysia’s best speed painter and renowned artist best known for my murals, illusions and fine art.

I have produced and created over 100 murals in Malaysia, speed painted for more than 30 events and counting. I work in all types of medium, from spray, paint to pyrography.

What is Speed Painting?

Speed Painting is an impactful performance of an artist completing an artwork in an extremely short amount of time.


Speed Painting Best Time

Average under 3 minutes

big crowd

Speed Painting Best Crowd

6000 pax, Arena of Stars Genting

Speed Painting with Fire

Most Versatile Speed Painter


Speed Painted for

Over 50 events since 2013



Top 5% achiever for Cradlefund Coach & Grow Programme 2014


Professional Artist

Produced over 100 murals
Over 50 personal artworks

Speed Painted for :

  • Sancora
  • Dulux
  • Bank of Singapore
  • Maybank
  • Standard Chartered
  • CIMB
  • Hatten
  • z-Residence
  • Zurich
  • Arachem
  • Dom Perignon
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Guiness
  • Hennesy
  • Tiger
  • Absolut Vodka
  • CIDB
  • PIDB
  • Manhattan Fish Market
  • Mah Sing
  • Datin Paduka Seri Hajjah Rosmah Mansor
  • MBI concert
  • Nivea
  • Define by BAT
  • Mid Valley Gardens
  • The Hour Glass
  • Baker Hughes
  • Oceanus Sabah
  • Volvo
  • Macao Tourism
  • and more..

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Haze Long
Haze Long
I just dropped a collection on objkt and I am using the earnings to collect NFTs by Iranian artists. #MahsaAmini #betheirvoice #opiran

Info ℹ️ https://twitter.com/haze_long/status/1574449866105057281?s=46&t=oeAmO29u_J54a6h75f2lwA

Collect here 🛍 https://objkt.com/collection/KT1M5Q23mu5Lv1uea8VG23pYN2r9K5GZ7fF2
Haze Long
Haze Long
Haze Long
Just chopped my hair off for #opiran. Here’s why.

Some time back i was added to a group chat on twitter for NFT artists. I didn’t know that most of them were Iranian girls. When #mahsaamini happened, all I saw in the group chat was. Are you alive. I m alive. I have no internet. I can’t find my sister. I can’t find my bf. My friend got shot.

I am not close to any of them. All we say to each other is Gm gn. Maybe we retweet each other’s tweets.

Also I m the stiffest silo you’ll ever meet. I never taken any side. I pride myself on being neutral. Even when I was canceled, I was neutral. I m just in my world, isolated. Not giving a fuck.

Anyway when it happened I got depressed, angry, helpless, sad. My friend would cry in twitter spaces and I would cry with her. Some would tell me their 2 yo girl was shot. Some mornings I wake up to tweets of dead Iranian girls.

Today I gave a talk to a bunch of female artists at University of Sharjah. UAE. It wasn’t easy for me.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with empathy and anger. Why is people ignoring my tweets to help them.

Can u imagine. One group chat - Iranian girls risking death by going to protest. Another group chat- Russians being mobilized to kill relatives in Ukraine or go to prison.

This bleak outlook leaked to my artwork and I just couldn’t make pretty girls art. What the fuck for.

There’s this movement going on, people cutting hair to support Iran. It’s pointless, it doesn’t help.

But for the first time I m picking a side.



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